5 Best Window Fans For Your Home


Finding the best window fan available wont be too much of an issue as they all more or less come with similar features and options. Of course, there IS that little thing called reliability. All of them come with motors and moving parts and when you factor in that many brands simply prefer to use cheaper parts you may have a recipe for disaster if you don’t do your proper research.

One of the best features to owning a window fan is in the cost savings when compared against the cost of running central air conditioning or using a portable AC unit. If you can stand to replace cold air with fresh, circulated air then a window fan will be ideal for your needs. Of course, you’ll also be doing your part in energy conservation – which is more costly during peak hours.


Fresh Air Circulation

This is the obvious benefit of operating a window fan. Many window fans utilize independently operated fans where one will operate as an exhaust while the other supplies fresh air from the outside. Window fans are ideal for Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Laundry and Basement areas.


Supplement to an Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is expensive as we all know, but in warmer temperatures it would be somewhat inefficient to use them around the clock. An excellent alternative is to use a window fan at night to take advantage of cooler outdoor temperatures.

Removes Unwanted Odors

It doesn’t matter if you’re living with a smoker or cook a lot of meals at home, odors linger without the proper circulation. Window fans offer the ideal solution to quickly ridding any area of strong, unwanted smells.

Fits Most Windows

Window fans come with adjustable panels, which means they easily fit most type of windows. That also makes installation hassle free.


There are a few options you’ll want to familiarize yourself with when looking to purchase a window fan.

Check Independently Operated Blades – Air Exchange

Check Strong Air Flow

Check Noise Factor

Check Features


In these window fan reviews you’ll only find Dual Blade fans, but single blade options are definitely available. Twin fans obviously blow more air and also routinely feature independently operated blades, which quickly exhausts stale air while at the same time replacing it with fresh, outdoor air. Here’s a tip on effectively using a window fan during the summer.

Also, consumers have long had problems with the flow strength and noise levels created by window fans. They can be on the loud side, so comparing units based on what reviewers actually had to say about these products gives a better impression of the quality of air flow and level of noise you are likely to expect from each window fan.

Lastly, there are a few different options and features that come with each window fan that separate itself from the competition. The more favorable units will include things like Remote Controls, Thermostat for efficient room temperature control and Digital Displays for quick temperature reference.


Sometimes products just don’t work right and anything with a motor has even more potential to fail. Even the best window fan is not exempt from early wear and tear, product defects from delivery, etc. Here are a few of the most commonly reported issues with window fans.

  • Excessive fan noise may cause you to adjust TV volume when it kicks on
  • Doesn’t get rid of humidity in the room
  • May need additional window extensions, or the use of duct tape to make adequate seal on window
  • Bugs can enter when the fan is not operational


Bob Vila – How To Use A Window Fan

Buying a window fan doesn’t guarantee cooler temps in your house. There are of course several ways to maximize your window fan for all its worth, like removing it first thing in the mornings before temps rise or creating enough positive pressure to keep the bugs out.


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Lasko 5624Holmes HAWF2043Yes$504.5/5
Fahrenheat FBE15002Bionaire BW2300Yes$604/5
Optimus H3603Lasko 2138Yes$504/5
Honeywell EnergySmartOptimus F-5280Yes$404/5
Cadet 1000wComfort Zone CZ309Yes$403.5/5

1. Holmes Window Fan, HAWF2043

Holmes is one of the more popular indoor air flow product manufacturers and their Dual Blade Window Fan with Thermostat is rated the best on our list. It offers Independent Fan Operation for Intake/Exhaust mode, Electronic Controls, a Thermostat that turns the unit on/off at desired temp, 2 Speed Settings for preference and comes with window extender panels. It fits most double hung and slider windows.

Pros: 2 Speeds – 8.5″ fan blades – Thermostat to maintain temp – Two way fan operation – Remote control

Cons: Not overly strong air stream – Multiple complaints about fan noise – May make rattling vibration noise from off-centered fan blades

2. Bionaire Window Fan, BW2300

Though the Holmes unit is more budget friendly, one of the top selling units overall is the Bionaire Twin Window Fan. This unit comes with all the bells and whistles. It has an Electronic Control Panel with LCD Screen, 3 Speed Operation, Independent Fan Controls for simulataneous Intake/Exhaust, Remote Control for ultra convenience, Thermostat that turns on/off at desired temp, and comes with extender panels . Designed to fit double hung, vertical and Casement windows.

Pros: LCD Screen – 3 Speeds – Thermostat to maintain temp – Remote control to turn off from bed – 8.5″ blades – Quiet operation

Cons: Some units die prematurely – Makes a beep with each setting change – LED lights always on – Batteries not included for remote

3. Lasko Window Fan, 2138

Lasko, of course, is another top name in the indoor air flow marketplace. Their 8″ window fan unit also offers independent fan blade operation to eliminate that stale, indoor air. It offers simplicity with it’s 2-Speed operation, adjustable Thermostat on the console and extender panels. It also includes snap-on feet for floor or table use.

Pros: Adjustable thermostat – Intake/Exhaust air exchange – Solid air flow – Moderately quiet operation – Easily reversible

Cons: Cheap plastic construction – Extension panels could be easier to adjust

4. Optimus Window Fan, F-5280

Optimus offers one of the best window fans at an affordable price with it’s 7″ unit. It has 2 Speed Operation with on-unit controls, has built in adjustable extender panels and comes with Carrying Handles and Feet for floor or table use. The fan is also reversible via manual control.

Pros: 2 Speed operation – Good fan for the money – Clean looking design

Cons: May have more fan noise than competing brands – Some weak flow complaints – Could be constructed beter

5. Comfort Zone Window Fan, CZ309

Comfort Zone is another manufacturer that is recognizable in the home controls marketplace. Their 9″ Twin window fan offers independently operational fan for intake/exhaust, 2-Speed dial controls, a Carrying Handle and expander window panels.

Pros: Good price point for budget shoppers – Moderately quiet operation – No frills fan, gets the job done

Cons: Not very strong circulation – Complaints of cheap quality, excessive vibration – Need to manually reverse blades for exhaust


As you can see, the difference between the best window fan and a few of the competing brands only vary slightly in price and features. Of course, the big brands hold out as the highest rated and most reliable as per the consumer opinions.

For some, however, a window fan can be somewhat inconvenient in comparison to other types of fan units. Though not typically as strong, tower fans offer a fantastic alternative. Of course, we’ve the rated higher velocity fans as well.

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