5 Best Baseboard Heaters


For those of us that need a stronger heat source for a particular area of our home, or want to supplement an inadequate central heating unit, you have a few options. Looking for the best baseboard heater you can find may be your best choice to solve this problem.

Though not intended to take the place of a central heating system, a baseboard heater can provide zone heating, or heat On Demand, for any room that you need to provide a comfortable environment. And that’s really what you’d be looking for with this style of portable heating – clean use of energy at an affordable cost. While not intended to efficiently heat an entire home, there are many benefits that can be gained from using a baseboard heater in your home.



Setting up a baseboard heater is normally as simple as unpacking the unit and plugging it directly into a wall socket. Even for units that require hard-wiring, installation can be fairly straight forward. This makes for a low maintenance heating solution.


In comparison to forced air units where a blower can be heard pushing air to all parts of the home, these types of heaters are silent while they create and deliver heat.


Best-Baseboard-Heater-1Most homes in the United States are heated using coal or gas, which is not only inefficient, it is also a major contribution to environmental pollution… as well as human health!


Electric baseboard heaters are a cheap alternative to installing heat pumps and furnaces. The up-front costs can be seen as immediate consumer savings in comparison to the alternatives.

If you only need to heat one or two rooms in your home, electric baseboard heaters could serve as a cleaner and cheaper means of heating than whole-house heating systems.


Not everyone has the same heating requirements. Some of us are looking for a warmer bedroom environment while others prefer to heat a small bathroom or an entire living room. For that reason and others there are a few things you’ll want to consider in your search.

Check Room Size

Check Size of Unit

Check Programming, Features & Styling


The first thing you’ll need to consider is how large of an area are you going to need to heat up? The room size plays a part in the type of unit you get. Some of these baseboard heaters aren’t capable of heating large and spacious rooms and you’ll find out which ones are best in the baseboard heating reviews below.

What’s more, you’ll definitely be interested in knowing the actual size of the heater you’ll be purchasing. After all, not all of them are the same size and by doing your research up front you can avoid the hassle of having to return something that didn’t quite fit.

Last but not least in your evaluation will be the specific features you prefer over some others. In the case of the Lasko 5624 Room Heater, you’ll notice features that include a Digital Temperature displayed directly on the unit. It also has Tip-Over Protection as a safety precaution as well as a beautiful design to match most room styles. Choose whichever options are most appealing to you.


We’re all well aware that no product is perfect and with such finicky components, baseboard heaters are no exception. Lower quality products from iffy brands are typically something to stay away from, but you can be sure that even the top name brands come with a few glitches. Here are some of the commonly reported problems amongst them.

  • Higher electricity bill depending on the usage
  • Some emit odd smells upon initial use
  • Clicking noise when heater kicks in
  • Overly sensitive thermostats cause unit to click on frequently


Fire Safety And Installation Tips

Buying a baseboard heater is typically a safe endeavor, however, there are instances of units being installed next to combustible items that are more likely to catch fire. Here are some important tips to follow after you’ve picked up your heater.

Energy Audit – Winterizing Your Home

Even the best baseboard heater can’t heat your entire house. One of the better ways to help keep your house warm and help keep your heating bills low is to get an energy audit. This is a fantastic way to determine where cold air is leaking into your home and causing your heater to work overtime.

… drafts can increase energy use by 5 to 30 percent annually.

UL Listed Products

UL is a global safety science company that validates, audits and educates on Commercial and Consumer products – such as home appliances – so as to promote safety and facilitate peace of mind. Their mark appears on products that are manufactured in compliance with their own safety requirements.


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ImageModelSize in.PriceRating
Lasko 5624Lasko 562440 x 5.5 x 9$604.5/5
Fahrenheat FBE15002Fahrenheat FBE1500245 x 5.5 x 7.5$804/5
Optimus H3603Optimus H-360330 x 6 x 9.5$604/5
Honeywell EnergySmartHoneywell EnergySmart HZ-81730 x 7 x 13N/A3.5/5
Cadet 1000wCadet #09954 (Requires Install)48 x 4 x 7$453.5/5

1. Lasko Baseboard Heater, 5624

Lasko has been engineering high performance home comfort product for well over 50 years so it’s no surprise that their baseboard heater is the highest rated on the market. This Low Profile Silent Room Heater uses natural convection to quietly provide you with a comfortable environment. It delivers 1500 Watts, comes with a Digital Display with Thermostat, Timer and has Handles to make for easy room transitions. Additional safety features include a Tip Over Switch and Automatic Overheat Protection.

Pros: Very Quiet – Quick to heat room – Easy to set Temperature and Timer – Accurate thermostat controls – 1 Degree controls

Cons: Not Energy Star, higher bills – Might be larger than other units – Some complaints of early malfunction – No remote

2. Fahrenheat Baseboard Heater, FBE15002

Fahrenheat is a Marley Engineered Products subsidiary and is no stranger to the commercial electric heating business. The Fahrenheat allows for dual Watt usage of 1500 or 1000 for your specific energy and comfort needs. Standard features include carry Handles for portability, Thermostat with power light and an Auto Shut Off feature in the case of accidental air blockage. They are 100% energy efficient and use convection heating to allow every bit of heat to flow through its large fins.

Pros: Unit not hot to touch – 100% Energy Efficient – Accurate Thermostat controls

Cons: Few noise complaints, not whisper quiet – Smell complaints on initial use – No digital display – No remote

3. Optimus Baseboard Heater, H-3603

Optimus Enterprise is another company that creates products for home heating, ventilation and air quality. Their 30″ baseboard heater is the perfect addition to a smaller room as it provides 2 heat settings via 750 and 1500 Watts of power. It also comes with a Digital Display and a Heat Limiting Thermostat, as well as a Tip Over Saftey Switch, Overheat alert and built in carrying handles so you can easily move it where you need it most.

Pros: 2 Control settings, low and high – Digital auto thermostat control – Handle for easy moving – Timer settings up to 12 hours – Quiet operation

Cons: Some premature temperature control button malfunctions – Controls do not allow for settings under 70 F

4. Honeywell Baseboard Heater, HZ-817

Everyone knows the Honeywell name as it’s tied to literally thousands of products sold in many categories worldwide. Their EnergySmart Baseboard Heater is a great plug-and-go option for those looking for feature-rich, portable heating. The HZ-817 offers convection or fan-forced heating depending on your demands. Its features include Digital Lighting that indicate room and set temperature and 3 heat Settings to set your desired control temp. As far as safety, it comes with Tip-Over Protection, SafeGuard hot grille alert and Overheat Protection.

Pros: Provides good heat source – Quiet operation even with fan use – Nice design to fit with room decor

Cons: Several early breaking complaints, not as reliable as competing brands – No carrying handles – Expensive vs competing brands

5. Cadet Manufacturing Baseboard Heater, b09954 (Requires Install)

Cadet has been offering innovative heating solutions for over 50 years. With a focus solely on heating , you can be sure that their Electric Zone Baseboard Heater is one of the best in the industry. For those DIY types looking for lower cost installation options, these baseboard electric baseboard heaters fit the bill. This unit delivers 1000 Watts at 240V in a minimalistic designed, yet durable casing. This unit requires a Thermostat and is NOT equipped with a plug.

Pros: Compact heater at only 2 ft. – Budget, cheap baseboard heater – Works as intended – Clean design – Easy install

Cons: Requires separate thermostat (sold separately) – Dial setting requires testing – Requires Installaion, not plug and go


As you can see, there are a few reputable options at your disposal when looking for the best baseboard heater for your home needs. Lasko and Fahrenheat will likely be your best bets for reliability and comfort, though there are a few others that may sway you based on name brand recognition (Honeywell) or for the money-saving, Do It Yourself crowd.

In any event, you’ll have no problem keeping your small rooms, garages and basements adequately toasty with these baseboard heaters. Though, you’ll want to follow all safety guidelines and make sure to install them as per manufacturer recommendations.

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