5 Best Space Heaters For A Large Room


Anyone looking for a portable space heater knows that generally they’re only sufficient at heating one small area. While normally that is true, depending on the unit’s output, there are a few on the market that are capable of delivering on their promise. We’ve found and reviewed the best space heaters for a large room based on what consumers are reporting.

Let’s be clear that space heaters are designed as a supplemental heating source and normally have the power to heat one non-shared room. Even the best space heater will have problems trying to control your living room AND your kitchen since your standard wall outlet only provides so much power. Like many garage space heaters, you may need an electrician to come in and rewire your outlet for 220v if you want a unit capable of delivering more heat. Normally, consumers will simply opt for 2 space heaters.


Power To Supply Larger Rooms

Of course the biggest benefit of these particular space heaters is that they can provide more heat than your standard desk heater. They’re larger, can draw more power and have a bigger blower to push more heat through a large room – in contrast to a little space heater that are more designed for desks and “spot” heating.


Save Money

Depending on the frequency of use and type of power you are using, you may be able to see some savings in your utilities bill. Many of the reviews for the portable space heaters below report being able to save up to hundreds on their electric bill while either switching from oil, gas or their central heating systems. Used as a supplemental source is where you’ll likely see considerable savings.


Even though these heaters are more likely to heat a bigger area, they’re still mostly portable. Many of them are either light enough to carry or come with wheels so that you can move it where you need it, when you need it. Not only is that convenient, but many people actually use this feature to move it from room to room and can negate the use of their centralized heating considerably.


CheckPower Output

The difference between your standard office space heater (desk or tower) and one that is capable of heating an entire room is how much power it delivers. While most of the heaters on the market will be 1500 Watt, the best ones will be able to push out more heat by way of more efficient heat transfer and a better fan blower (which sources more heat using the same amount of power).

CheckSafety Shut-Off

Space heaters are notoriously dangerous when used irresponsibly. With that in mind, most of the units on the market have some form of safety shut-off feature. Many of the ones below will turn off in the event of being knocked over, or will have their own built-in high temperature shut-off switch.




Portable space heaters are easy to move around. Most of the smaller ones on the market have handles and can easily be moved wherever you need them. Most of the larger units will either be light enough to pick up or will come with caster wheels so they can be easily moved or stored away.


Products frequently come with their own unique problems, from arriving with broken parts to simply not meeting consumer expectation. These large space heaters are certainly no exception to criticism and here are a few of the most common ones.

  • Manufacturers sometimes oversell heating capacity of their own units. For example, stating that their unit may heat up to 1000 sq. ft. room when many consumers disagree.
  • Fire risk when left unattended.
  • May trip the breaker when using multiple high-power electronics on the same line (ie. vacuum and heater at same time)


Underwriters Laboratory Certification

When a space heater is UL listed, it means they’ve met certain stringent safety criteria set by the Underwriters Laboratory. One of the tests involve a ‘tip over’ test in which a space heater is tested under the most extreme cases of a unit falling over without creating the risk of fire or personal injury. A UL or ETL listed product gives you that extra piece of mind.

Using Space Heaters Responsibly

Space heaters are responsible for some 80% of all winter heating fire-related deaths and one-third of all winter house fires. We all know the dangers associated with these types of products, so if you are going to get one be sure to use them the way they were meant to be used.


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Dr InfraredDr. Infrared3 Year$1204.5/5
EdenPUREEdenPURE2 Year$1604/5
Lifesmart 8Lifesmart 81 Year$1404/5
Lifesmart 6Lifesmart 61 Year$1103.5/5
VornadoVornado5 Year$1153/5

1. Dr. Infrared, DR968 Space Heater

Dr. Heater is known for creating supplemental heating products for use in and around the home, with their line of products combining a number of desirable features. Their DR968 quartz infrared heater rates as the best space heater for a large room as it fulfills a number of user requirements. It comes standard with a programmable thermostat, a remote control, tip over and overheat protection, a 6-foot cord and a timer. 1500 Watt. UL listed. 3 year warranty. 25 lbs.

Pros: Infrared heats objects in room, not the air – Hi and Low temp settings, 50 to 85 degrees – Built in digital thermostat – Safe to the touch – Heats a room fairly quickly – Quiet operation – Remote Control for convenience – Has wheels to move to other rooms

Cons: Unit is smaller than expected – Very few complaints of a finicky remote

2. EdenPURE, Gen2 Infrared Heater

EdenPURE develops and distributes a range of products in the space heating and air purification fields. Not only are they a popular name in the industry, their Gen2 infrared heater rates as one of the better portable space heaters. It comes with an electronic thermostat with digital display, remote control, on/off timer, a “Quiet Mode” setting, carrying handles and a 6-foot cord. 1500 Watt. 2 Year Warranty. 12.5 lbs.

Pros: Digital display – Remote control – Quiet operation – Does not get hot to touch, safe for children and pets – Fits nicely on bookshelf – Comes with a “Quiet” feature – Compact design, lightweight and easy to move – Adjustable thermostat – Timer function

Cons: Digital display on top, not on front – Few thermostat control complaints – No high-temp alarm, though unit is restricted in how high temps can go

3. Lifesmart, 8 Element Heater with Air Ionizer

Lifesmart is a growing supplier of well-designed space heating and cooling products. Their quartz infrared cabinet heater with air ionizer is a popular choice amongst consumers. Not only does this unit come with an ionizing feature, it also is equipped with a remote control, auto shut-off and tip over safety features, 3 heat settings, electronic thermostat with LED digital display and a 6-foot power cord. Lifesmart also offers a cheaper 6-Element cabinet heater. 1500 Watt. ETL listed. 1 Year Warranty. 31 lbs.

Pros: Variable energy-saving heat settings – 9 hour timer feature – Not hot to the touch – Digital thermostat – Remote control – Casters for mobility – Ionizer can be turned on/off – Quiet operation

Cons: Few early malfunction complaints – May not generate as much heat as expected

4. Lifesmart, 6 Element Heater with Remote

Lifesmart offers not only the 8-Element wood cabinet space heater, they also have a highly rated 6-Element Metal heater for those interested in a different look with different features, at a cheaper price point. Their metal heater comes standard with a remote control, digital thermostat with integrated display, 3 heat settings, a 12 hour timer and a lifetime washable air filter. 1500 Watt. ETL listed. 1 Year Warranty. 19 lbs.

Pros: 3 heat settings – 12 hour timer – Digital display thermostat – Remote control – Casters for mobility – Outside surface does not get hot – Cost effective alternative

Cons: May be a little noisier on high setting – Doesn’t seem to heat up as well as competing brands – Some early malfunction complaints

5. Vornado, DVTH Whole Room Heater

The Vornado brand has been around for awhile now and their line was created out of engineering designs used in the aviation industry. Known for heating and air circulation, they have designed this consumer friendly whole-room vortex heater to be efficient. This portable heater comes in an unobtrusive little package and offers a digital display with adjustable controls, 2 heat settings and a fan-only mode, automatic climate control, tip over safety and auto shut-off, as well as a 6-foot power cord. 1500 Watt. ETL listed. 5 Year Warranty. 4 lbs.

Pros: Digital display w/ pushbutton controls – 2 heat settings – Outer casing is cool to the touch – Built in timer – Doesn’t blow hot air, instead it circulates it – Doesn’t produce a lot of noise – Compact unit – Assembled in the USA

Cons: No remote with this model – Few early malfunction complaints – Heat may be underwhelming in comparison to other heaters – Reviews seem to be hit or miss


As you’ve probably already noticed there are many space heaters on the market, but if you are looking specifically for the best space heater for a large room, these will most likely be your best options. Most consumers of these products feel that heat emits abundantly and efficiently enough to fill a large room. It may not be fast heat like you might get with a propane heater or deliver as efficient as a smart thermostat, but it should set you up to have a comfortable living space during those cold winter months.

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