10 Best Tower Fans + 3 Hi Flow


The mid-to-late afternoon sun can create an extremely uncomfortable environment for those of us looking to relax after a long day. The best tower fans on the market, however, are capable of circulating that air and creating a more friendly environment.

Tower fans are still relatively new in comparison with the standard pedastal and box fans we’ve been using for decades. These fans represent a newer generation in fan technology as you’ll find out below with some of their benefits and unique features.


Compact Size

Pedestal fans can be top heavy and unsightly, while box fans take up a lot of floor space and window fans a bit bigger than both. Tower fans in comparison can vary in size, but on average tend to be about 30-40″ tall and a have a base that varies between 8-12″. They also have handles for easy transport and their unique shape makes it easy to store in any closet.

Energy Savings

Best-Tower-Fan-1aAir conditioning units are known for being energy hogs, while fans on the other hand consume much less energy. This translates into money in your pocket as well when used as an alternate cooling source.


People that buy box fans usually do so for its high-velocity flow, while table fans may not put out nearly enough. As you’ll see in the tower fan reviews below, they can satisfy both of these ranges while being able to oscillate and even clean the ambient air using an Ionizer feature. In many cases, it’s an all-in-one unit.

White Noise!

It seems that many of us have grown accustomed over our lives to fall asleep with the aid of a fan or some other light background noise. Tower fans aren’t nearly as loud as the fans we all grew up with and generally put out a gentle hum to help nudge you to sleep.


Tower fans are effective and versatile and anyone looking to pick one up should take note of a few things. Much like any other type of fan, these tower fans blow air… but they also have much more functionality. Here are a few things you’ll want to take into account to find out which one is best suited for your needs.


Check High or Normal Flow

Check Energy Saving Timer

Check Clean Air Ionizer

Check Additional Features


You should know that tower fans seem a little bigger in person than what you’d expect. For this reason, you’ll want to determine the size you want before you get it. They primarily come in 30″ and 40″ tall versions – some with adjustable base to provide both options.

The next feature, and probably the most important – when judged by many of the consumer complaints – is that people want a fan that blows a lot of air! Many people get a fan and are underwhelmed at the amount of air it blows. Some may hardly even provide any relief from the distance of where it sits to your couch, table or bed. For that reason, we’ve provided the best tower fans for high velocity as well.

As mentioned before, air conditioners are the real energy hogs in the average household (though you can save by using a portable air conditioner). That of course doesn’t mean that you can’t do even more on your part to help minimize consumption – especially during those peak summer hours when energy is most expensive due to high demand. So getting a unit with a timer function will help save even more when you forget to turn the fan off when you leave or go to sleep. Of course, that also translates into a little more money in your pocket.

Lastly, there are a number of features that really separate the best tower fans from the rest. For the allergy sufferer, you may want to consider a combo Air Ionizer unit to help reduce pollens and other allergens in the air. For the rest, maybe you like the comfort of setting the sleep timer right from your bed with a Remote Control, or maybe something as simple as being able to adjust the louvers to better direct air flow.


No product is perfect and we all know this. And when you insert a motor and some digital controls, you’re going to run into a few problems down the road. Here are some of the main consumer complaints with tower fans.

  • Doesn’t blow enough air so that you can feel it from a few feet away (a higher powered unit removes any doubt about this).
  • Some units only come with a few settings and people simply want more options than “Low” and “High.”
  • It doesn’t cool a room down. Surprisingly, many comments are disputes that the product simply doesn’t make the room colder. You need a portable air conditioning unit for that.
  • Some units are more top heavy than others and pose a tipping hazard for those with pets or kids. Get something with a solid base.
  • It’s larger than expected for people that have never had a tower fan before.


ETL Listed

When you see ETL Listed on a product’s specifications, it refers to the unit’s electrical performance and reliabilitiy. More specifically, the product will have met the minimum requirements of specific safety standards.

Cleaning Tower Fans

Tower fans collect dust over time. In order to prolong the life of your fan, and to prevent dust from being blown all over the place, you can periodically clean your fan and keep it running smoothly and quietly. Also, many fan manufacturers will have their own procedures for cleaning each specific unit.


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Lasko 5624Lasko 4930Yes$855/5
Fahrenheat FBE15002Ozeri OZF1Yes$954.5/5
Optimus H3603Lasko 4924No$654.5/5

1. Lasko 4930 High Velocity Fan with Remote

For the best tower fan hands down, pick yourself up the Lasko 35″ High Velocity Fan. This fan comes with near stellar reviews, puts out more than enough air flow and isn’t even the most expensive on the market. It delivers 3 Speeds that Oscillate, has a clean looking Control Panel, a Remote Control with storage “on-unit”, a Timer feature, has Easy Grip Handles, and is ETL Listed for Safety. If your concern is air flow, this puts the competing brands to shame.

Pros: Fully assembled – Remote control with storage on unit – Easy handle for moving – Powerful fan blows more than sufficient air – Quickly cools and circulates a large area

Cons: A little loud at the max setting – Oscillating doesn’t cover enough area – Remote is basic but functional

2. Ozeri Ultra Oscillating Wind Fan

Another high velocity tower fan to consider is the stylish Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Fan. It comes in a more elegant design package than the Lasko and offers higher-than-standard air flow delivery at all 3 whisper-quiet Speed Settings and 3 Pre-Programmed Air Flow Patterns. Not only that, it offers an LED Control Panel with Room Temp Display, 90-degree Oscillation, a 12 Hour Timer, Enhanced-Range Remote Control with on-unit storage, Easy Assembly, and has a removable extension column to accommodate your height preference.

Pros: 3 speed settings – Oscillation feature – Beautiful modern design – 12 Hour programmable timer – Remote control that stores directly on unit – Clear colorful LED display with temp, speed, and other functions – Easy assembly – Quiet operation on all settings vs competing brands – Night mode dimmer so you can sleep easier – Plenty of power to fill a medium to large room

Cons: Top heavy design makes it easier to knock over – Minor assembly required – May be a bit wobbly on carpet

3. Lasko 4924 High Velocity Fan

For those that just want a high velocity blower without all the gadgetry, the Lasko 4924 has you covered. With performance just as good as 4930 rated above, this unit has some outstanding consumer testimonials for its air flow output including several “best fan ever” reviews. It comes fully assembled and has simple top-mounted control panel to set 3 Speed Settings via its powerful motor and has a Handle for easy transport. It’s also ETL listed for safety. This fan is rated as ideal for Garages, Home Gyms and Workshops.

Pros: Powerful motor with plenty of air flow, no complaints on weak power – Carrying handles – 3 settings – Oscillating feature – Lots of positive reviews, very few negative overall

Cons: Can be a little loud based on power settings – Low setting may be considered medium to high on normal fans – Not feature rich like some others (ie. remote, timer)


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Lasko 5624Lasko 2554Yes$604.5/5
Fahrenheat FBE15002Seville EHF10127Yes$604.5/5
Optimus H3603Lasko 2551Yes$804/5
Honeywell EnergySmartOzeri OZF3Yes$904/5
Cadet 1000wHoneywell HY-048BPYes$504/5
Cadet 1000wHoneywell HY-280Yes$554/5
Cadet 1000wDyson AM07Yes$3203.5/5
Cadet 1000wHolmes HT38RB-UYes$503.5/5
Cadet 1000wSPT SF-1521No$603/5
Cadet 1000wMiallegro 1760No$903/5

1. Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Fan

For those that don’t want or need high-velocity coverage, you can find that Lasko again has the best tower fan for your needs. Their 42″ Wind Curve fan is a high selling tower fan offered at an affordable price. It offers 3 Speed settings with Oscillation, Air Ionizer, has a Multi-Functional Remote Control, an electronic Timer and Adjustable Louvers.

Pros: Fresh Air Ionizer feature – Multi-functional remote control – Timer (to 7.5 hours) – 3 speeds – Quiet operation – Adjustable louvers – Base seems sturdy

Cons: Some complaints that it is under-powered – Slight clicking sound during rotation – Remote needs to be pointed in direction of fan

2. Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan

Obviously you’re looking for a functional and highly rated fan. But if one of your preferences is for it to be packaged in an elegant, room-neutral design, the Seville UltraSlimline tower fan might be just your style. It sits 40″ tall and comes with a clean Digital Console, 4 Speed operation, Timer to 7.5 Hours, an LCD Remote Control and Oscillation feature.

Pros: 4 Speed settings with Power Energy Savings mode – Oscillation feature – 7.5 hour timer – LCD remote with display – Batteries included – Fairly quiet operation – Lots of positive reviews, very few “unreliable” or “defective” mentions

Cons: Still not the quietest fan on the market – Few complaints of units starting to rub parts or squeek while oscillating after awhile

3. Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan and Ionizer

Lasko is a consumer favorite in the home heating and cooling industry. Their Wind Curve Platinum tower fan also stands our as one of the best and most trusted. It’s built sturdy, has 3 Speed operation with Oscillation and Energy Saving Timer up to 7.5 Hours, comes with Remote Control, a Handle for easy transfer, and is ETL listed.

Pros: 3 Speeds – Timer (up to 7.5 hours) – Easy carry handle – Remote control with storage spot on unit – Ionizer feature – Quiet operation on lower speeds – Sturdy build

Cons: Remote needs to be pointed almost directly at unit – Little noisy on high speed setting

4. Ozeri 3x 44″ Tower Fan  with Noise Reduction Technology

The Ozeri 44″ fan not only rates as one of the best tower fans for high velocity requirements – see their 42″ Wind Fan above – it also offers this ultra-modern tower unit in a mere 3″ thick body. This unit comes with an LED Control Panel, 3 separate fan blades with each individually controllable up to 3 Speeds, 3 additional air flow patterns, extended range Remote Control, 7.5 Hour Timer and has 90-degree Oscillation.

Pros: 9 levels of cooling with 3 fan speeds – Attractive innovative design with glass base stand – 90 degree oscillation – Touchscreen LED control panel – Extended range remote control with on unit storage slot – 7.5 hour timer – Easy assembly – Each fan can be turned on/off independently if you want low or high altitude flow – Only 3″ deep – Relatively quiet operation in comparison to others – Customer support seems reliable – Good air flow

Cons: Beeps as you scroll through options – No temp display – May develop premature rattling – Some complaints of malfunction around 1 year mark – Collects dust easier

5. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan, HY-048BP

One of the more affordable tower fans available is also a best selling unit manufactured by Honeywell. Their Fresh Breeze fan also has a built-in Ionizer with Washable Air Filter to reduce dust and pollen. As far as features, it offers 3 Speed Oscillation, has a large LCD Display, 12 Hour Timer, Programmable Thermostat, Remote Control with Flashlight, easy Carrying Handle and you have the option to change heights by removing/attaching base attachment.

Pros: Optional base to make fan shorter – 3 speeds – Timer up to 12 hours – LCD display with pushbutton controls – Oscillation feature – Ionizer feature – Remote control with flashlight – Easy to clean filter – Temp setting to turn itself off when it reaches desired room temp – Blows good amount of air

Cons: May be slightly more noisy than competitors – Need to routinely clean filter – Design is top heavy and may tip easier than others – Base design is a bit cheap – Some complaints that it is underpowered – Temperature “control” feature is somewhat gimmicky as it’s not an AC – Few complaints of early malfunctions

6. Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan, HY-280

For just slightly more than the Fresh Breeze model, Honeywell offers their QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan in a completely different look. This fan offers 8 Speeds, Bright Digital Control panel, Remote Control, Adjustable Thermostat, 8 Hour Shut-Off Timer with the option for Oscillation or their “Breeze” setting.

Pros: 8 speed settings – Remote control with on-housing storage spot – 90 degree Oscillation – Push button digital display – 8 hour Timer – Programmable thermostat on/off feature – Relatively quiet, especially on lower settings

Cons: On unit display too bright at night – Higher settings may be louder than competing brands – Few early malfunction complaints (button problems, developed squeeks/rattles, finnicky display, etc.)

7. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

You’ve probably seen them advertised on TV with their innovative vacuums and heaters, but Dyson also has in their lineup a very uniquely-crafted tower fan. This unit looks like nothing else you’ve seen and offers a new technology for moving air. Aside from it’s absolutely beautiful design, you’ll find that it comes with 10 Airflow Settings, a Remote Control, Timer up to 9 Hours and is sold in a package that is quiet and Energy Efficient.

Pros: Easy to clean – No blades or dangerous places to put fingers – Energy efficient – Smooth airflow – 10 flow settings – Beautifully designed – 9 hour timer function – Magnetic remote stores directly on unit – Oscillating function – Quiet on settings 5 and below – Multiple color choices

Cons: 3-4 times the price of competing brands – Probably not as powerful as some high velocity fans – Not as quiet as advertised

8. Holmes HT38RB-U Oscillating Tower Fan

Most people familiar with home environmental control products recognize Holmes as a household brand. Their 38″ Oscillating Tower Fan is one of the most cost effective and highly rated tower fans on the market. It’s nicely designed, offers 3 Speed Settings, Pushbutton Control Panel with Remote Control, 8 Hour Timer and includes a Handle to easily move it to where you need it.

Pros: 3 speed settings – LED lights control panel – Oscillation feature – Auto shut off timer – Remote control – Quiet during operation

Cons: No digital display on unit – Weak airflow in comparison to other units – Some complaints of premature rattling/noisemaking – Breeze feature is gimmicky and not well received – May be too top heavy and unstable – Batteries not included

9. SPT SF-1521 Tower Fan with ION Air Cleaner

SPT (Sunpentown) is a large manufacturer of a variety of home environment products. Their tower fan certainly rates as one of the more uniquely styled fans on the market. This fan comes with a built-in Ionizer to help clean the air and offers 3 Speed operation, has 70-degree Oscillation, a Backlit LCD Display with corresponding Remote Control, a Sleep Timer, Carrying Handle and is ETL listed.

Pros: 3 fan speeds – Remote Control – Ionizer feature – Blue Backlit LCD screen – 70 Degree oscillation – Cool Design

Cons: May be fairly loud on high settings – Air flow not that powerful – Batteries not included – Multiple mentions of developing oscillating clicking noise – Some premature malfunction complaints with only 30 day return policy – Some complaints of unit wobbling during oscillation

10. Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan

Another highly rated Tower Fan/Air Ionizer combo comes uniquely designed by Miallegro. Not only is this 41″ Fan unit good for allergy sufferers with it’s ability to purify the surrounding air, it also offers several nice features. 3 Speed Operation with Digital Control Panel, ergonomic Remote Control, 8 Hour Timer and a recessed Handle round out this Oscillating Fan’s capabilities.

Pros: Ionizing feature – 3 speed settings – Remote control – 8 hour timer – Oscillation setting – Stylish design

Cons: Multiple premature malfunction complaints – Not very powerful air flow


There you have the absolute best tower fan reviews for your cooling and air flow needs. Keep in mind the number one complaint about most fans was that the ones that most people purchase are a little light on top-end power. Of course, if you never had problems with your previous fans output then this may not be a concern to you.

Also noteworthy is that there are also the option for window fans in lieu of a tower fan. While not as expensive as a Window AC unit, they provide nice air flow while allowing inside air to exhaust back outside. Some apartments, however, do not allow for these types of units so you’ll want to keep that in mind.

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